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About Silvie+Maryl

Holistic living experts, authors and speakers Silvie Celiz and Maryl Celiz Paz are Holistic Lifestyle Designers who transform people’s lives holistically from the inside out.

Their collaboration unofficially started as kids, as the two sisters and best friends grew up with a mother whose main mission in life was to guide her children to develop their full potential and to find their purpose in life. To this end, she instilled a love of research and truth-seeking in her daughters and taught them to have a holistic perspective on life, introducing them to various mind, body and spirit studies and training. Living a holistic lifestyle had such profound, positive and empowering effects on their lives, that the sisters often thought, “We have to share this with the world.”

This thought gave way to an official work collaboration, as Silvie, a Holistic Nutritionist and Traditional Naturopath, had the idea to create a holistic health ezine to help humanity connect the dots to achieve optimal well-being as a whole. She turned to health and lifestyle journalist Maryl, who as an editor and writer for major newspapers had the experience to launch a publication, and was ready to disseminate information she had not seen collectively anywhere and believed would change people’s lives.

The pair became business partners and started HLife Media, an online resource with articles and a clear mission: holistic health for humanity. Soon, they began getting requests for coaching, consulting and more one-on-one training on holistic living, and in late 2011 HLife gave birth to the Silvie+Maryl brand, a primarily digital business that offers programs and products to upgrade people’s minds and transform their lives through a holistic lifestyle, including plant-based nutrition, mastering thoughts and emotions, self worth and healthy relationships, the holistic home and life design.

Silvie and Maryl have made it their personal mission to empower individuals everywhere through holistic living, and especially women, as they believe that upgrading women’s minds to see their real value and true purpose in the world is the key element for a more balanced, harmonious planet. The Holistic Lifestyle Expert duo has started to develop multimedia tools for personal transformation, and in 2013 published the book Nourished: A Practical Guide on How to Transition into a Plant-Based Lifestyle for Vibrant Energy, Ideal Weight Personal Transformation.

As pioneers in the field of holistic living, Silvie and Maryl have been featured in various events and media, such as Angeleno Magazine, Women of the Green Generation, Maria Shriver’s The Women’s Conference, and Univision’s lifestyle show, Tu Estilo. They currently reside in Los Angeles, where they live next to each other and continue to develop more tools to improve people’s lives holistically.